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Smart Home System is a device that can be sent via the Internet. Come to work with software On the mobile phone Allows us to control the electrical system Appliances or Various home security systems by pressing a button via a smartphone (Smartphone) or using a voice (Voice Command) helps

"4 Things change your life" to be happier than ever

“4 Things change your life” to be happier than ever

Whether life is good now or not But of course everyone wants to have a better life. Because life has no end Until we are out of breath Then came to create happiness Let’s make our lives better and better. GL would like to collect 4 things if we can. Will

"Backpacker", how do you prepare yourself

ฺ”Backpacker”, how do you prepare yourself

For salarymen who are passionate about traveling, Backpacker is an alternative for those who want to travel in style. In a competitive budget (You will be able to find trouble often). The quality of the Backpacker is to be calm. Be open and optimistic Know the flexibility to deal

Falling in Love "ITALIANO" Indulge in authentic Italian flavors

Falling in Love “ITALIANO” Indulge in authentic Italian

Invite you to shop for many import and exclusive products under the event “Falling in Love ITALIANO” by Central. Food Hall in collaboration with the Italian Commercial Office in Thailand (ITA) and you will fall in love with Italy. If you are one of those

"Leica Q2 Daniel Craig x Greg Williams" 750 in the world

“Leica Q2 Daniel Craig x Greg Williams” 750 in the world

The new Leica Boutique opens at the Emporium with a glimpse of the Leica Q2 Daniel Craig x Greg Williams, only 750 produced in the world! People who love photography are happy when Leica Camera Thailand by Danai Sorakaikitikul Elis executive (ALIST) importer and distributor

"Perfection destroys the team's potential"

“Perfection destroys the team’s potential”

What is perfection? Perfection destroys. Most of the bosses are perfect. Doing things must be neat and clean, be neat, everything must be precise, disciplined, on time, with high responsibility. Anything that has been done repeatedly like that has a pattern that rarely changes. Often find fault

"5 dream islands! travel near Bangkok"

“5 dream islands! travel near Bangkok”

The sea is the aim of many people in tourism, but for those who have little time but want to find a beautiful place to visit, today we have compiled a collection of beautiful islands and clear water near Bangkok for you. 1 . Koh Mak, Trat Province An unspoiled

"Wonton Soup" with Shiitake Vegetarian

“Wonton Soup” with Shiitake Vegetarian

Be satisfied, full of merit, receive the morning sun Vegetarian Wonton Dishes with Seasoned Shiitake Mushrooms Along with the recipe of sweet and fragrant vegetable soup, inviting to taste, easy to make, delicious, big words Vegetarians are probably bored with the Vegetarian Noodles. Try to change the style to eat

"lifestyles" of modern people, cool lifestyle

“lifestyles” of modern people, cool lifestyle

Lifestyles of modern people. The new generation in this era must say that it is a group of people with a completely different. What we can’t deny When we look at Generation Z today, we find ourselves a group of people who dare to think, act

How much work is Apple's expensive iMac Pro to use?

How much work is Apple’s expensive iMac Pro to use?

The iMac Pro is Apple’s new product that, in addition to the conventional iMac, Apple also has an iMac Pro design. For pro users who love the all-in-one design of the iMac and want workstation-level performance. Call a leapfrog upgrade from the normal model, both a