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8 local Phuket food Go and have to try

8 local Phuket food Go and have to try

Phuket, just stepping into the city and you know that This is a city with a clear mix of indigenous and Chinese cultures. Whether it is about buildings and houses To the subject of many different types of food And should definitely be pleased with foodies from different countries With a

Falling in Love "ITALIANO" Indulge in authentic Italian flavors

Falling in Love “ITALIANO” Indulge in authentic Italian

Invite you to shop for many import and exclusive products under the event “Falling in Love ITALIANO” by Central. Food Hall in collaboration with the Italian Commercial Office in Thailand (ITA) and you will fall in love with Italy. If you are one of those

"Wonton Soup" with Shiitake Vegetarian

“Wonton Soup” with Shiitake Vegetarian

Be satisfied, full of merit, receive the morning sun Vegetarian Wonton Dishes with Seasoned Shiitake Mushrooms Along with the recipe of sweet and fragrant vegetable soup, inviting to taste, easy to make, delicious, big words Vegetarians are probably bored with the Vegetarian Noodles. Try to change the style to eat

"Order Thai food delivery", 3 famous restaurants

“Order Thai food delivery”, 3 famous restaurants

Traditional Thai food has always been popular in our country. Because we Thai people still love the spicy, sour, salty, sweet, complete and mellow taste that we are familiar with. Moreover, Thai food is still very popular from the world. To this day, Thai restaurants still allow us