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How many calories are reduced by "surf skating"?

How many calories are reduced by “surf skating”?

Recently, the Surf Skate trend is very strong, making many people wonder where this famous trend came from and what is Surf Skate? Let’s answer it simply. This is a board sport that is created by a combination of skateboarding and surfing. The design of the Surf

"4 Things change your life" to be happier than ever

“4 Things change your life” to be happier than ever

Whether life is good now or not But of course everyone wants to have a better life. Because life has no end Until we are out of breath Then came to create happiness Let’s make our lives better and better. GL would like to collect 4 things if we can. Will

"Perfection destroys the team's potential"

“Perfection destroys the team’s potential”

What is perfection? Perfection destroys. Most of the bosses are perfect. Doing things must be neat and clean, be neat, everything must be precise, disciplined, on time, with high responsibility. Anything that has been done repeatedly like that has a pattern that rarely changes. Often find fault

"lifestyles" of modern people, cool lifestyle

“lifestyles” of modern people, cool lifestyle

Lifestyles of modern people. The new generation in this era must say that it is a group of people with a completely different. What we can’t deny When we look at Generation Z today, we find ourselves a group of people who dare to think, act



Summer is the time when sitting in bed watching Netflix just doesn’t appeal so much. All you wanna do is soak up that Vitamin D before Winter arrives again. And…it will come around quick – so enjoy it whilst you can! Whether you are looking