How many kinds of Korean sauces and how are they different?

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Korean sauces, during this time many People will probably start looking for delicious recipes. To get into the kitchen to cook yourself and Korean food is probably one of the options because it’s quite easy to make. and only use a few ingredients It is inevitable that the main ingredient use is Gochujang , a Korean sauce that is often an ingredient in many Korean dishes. But did you know that aside from Kochujang? There are also other types of sauces. Many other types of Korean food are great. Today we will see how many kinds of Korean sauces and how are they different? And what can be used for making menu.

1. Gochujang Sauce

Gochujang, a Korean seasoning popular among Thai people. It looks like curry paste, but has a glossy sheen. It has a smoother and more juicy texture than our Thai curry paste. Gochujang is a common ingredient in Korean cuisine as well. The original taste is slightly salty and spicy. It is popularly used to make a menu. Kimchi Soup with Soft Tofu Budeshigae (Korean hot pot) stir-fried kimchi mixed in sauce mixed with Korean fried chicken. Or it may be used to supplement the rajat in other menus. Get a lot more

2. Doenjang

If you speak in a simple way, it is Korean soybean paste . Twainjang is the most popular sauce for Koreans to eat and cook. It is a basic Korean seasoning. It is an indispensable ingredient in many menus, while the well-known menu of Thai people is the menu. Soybean paste soup A must-have favorite menu for almost every Korean meal. Or can be used to make a dipping sauce, eat it with a grill as well.

3. Ssamjang

Samjang (Ssamjang) or simply called Korean grilled sauce Made from bean paste mixed with chili It is a ready-made sauce that has already been seasoned. How to eat is very easy. Just wrap the vegetables. Add meat (grilled menu), chilli, garlic and dip the chilli, add Samjang sauce, put it in your mouth. Or anyone who wants to dip it with fresh vegetables, like carrots, cucumbers are not light as well.

4. Chunjang

Chunjang is a rich type of black bean sauce. Koreans use it to make popular dishes such as Jajangmyeon, or black sauce noodles. The sauce is very rich. It is like leaven, using just 1 spoon and mixed with water, corn starch, sugar, oyster sauce, it can make a whole dish of jajangmian. Or who would use it to make other menus such as stir-fried black pepper or stir-fried tofu Okay as well

5. Soy Sauce Korean sauces

Kanjang (Soy Sauce) is soy sauce. Or simply called That Korean soy sauce, sure enough, there are 3 main types, which taste slightly different. Used to cook different types of food.

  • Gukkanjang is used to season the food like white soy sauce in our country. Put in various broths The color is not very dark but has a very salty taste. Gukkanjang is rarely used by Koreans.
  • Shinkansen’s soy species are popular in almost every household of Korea here. Can be used to season almost all kinds of food Will have a dark color and a mellow taste There is a little salty and sweet taste on the tip of the tongue.
  • Young man, Kan Jang  is a type of fresh soy sauce. Without heat Because the heat will cause the smell and taste to change. It is commonly used in food such as fresh salads, dipping sauces or various salad sauces. The menu that Koreans are most popular to do is Korean Soy Sauce Pickled Crab, it is worth it.

6. Gochugaru

 Culminating with Eco Sugar holes (Gochugaru) or cayenne pepper Korea. Even if it is not a Korean sauce directly But it is also popular in many Korean food. Manu Kochugaru is made from fresh dried chili with crushed red color but mild taste. It is much less spicy than Thai cayenne. Similar to Japanese cayenne pepper, but with a coarser texture.