8 local Phuket food Go and have to try

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Phuket, just stepping into the city and you know that This is a city with a clear mix of indigenous and Chinese cultures. Whether it is about buildings and houses To the subject of many different types of food And should definitely be pleased with foodies from different countries With a strong southern taste But also has a mix of Chinese aura

For tourists who do not have much time You may not be able to try all the food, so we would like to ask for 8 local Phuket food that you should not miss when visiting

1.Mee Phuket

Usually we are familiar with That the menu of Phuket’s local noodles is Fried Hokkien Mee (SUI check) anyway, but actually there are many more, including Mee Sua Noodle each stock that has a different example
– Fried Hokkien Mee. Focusing on seafood is important, including squid, shrimp, clams, fish, stir-fried with noodles (about size about buckwheat
noodles ), muddled water – Mee Hoon is the noodle fried with soy sauce. Sprinkle the sliced ​​spring onions and fried shallot. Served with hot pork bone soup Phuket people like to eat it for lunch and dinner.

2. Dim Sum or Xiao Boi

   Popular breakfast menu for Phuket residents Most of them are similar. Dim Sum that we are familiar with. But the difference is that pork shumai is a bit thick As for the pork filling, it will mix with pork fat. Adding the flavor and oiliness to be able to eat more smoothly. Another is the authentic local gian. It is very difficult to find elsewhere. Looks like a hack It is minced pork mixed with crab meat, shrimp, yam, shiitake mushrooms, then fried until crispy. And finally, it is a matter of dipping sauce. Because people here do not like to eat dim sum together with Jiggwa. But will be dipped in spicy dipping sauce instead Which is a very Phuket way

3. Moo Hong

  Ria Kan Ei is named Moo Tao Eew, looks like stewed pork. But not put on stew It is popular to use pork belly and soy sauce for seasoning. Anyone who is taking care of their health might think a bit before eating. But if you have tasted it, it will surely break

4. Various chili paste

Such as shrimp chili paste Phuket Chili Paste (Fresh shrimp chili paste)

Shrimp chili paste has long been a popular souvenir in Phuket. Take it with anything and everything is delicious. Because it is using fresh prawns on a skewer, grilled whole shell, smoked from the coconut cloves until dry and fragrant, not dried shrimp at all.

5. Oh Aew

A sweet dessert made from O-Aew seed jelly. (Looks like basil seeds) mixed with the slime of the banana. Came out as a soft clear jelly topped with syrup and shaved ice
Solve the heat in thirst Phuket residents will eat three kinds of O-Aew with red bean paste and jelly (white, black, red), oh-aew with red bean paste (red white) and Oh-aew with grass jelly (black and white), some people prefer with banana and water. Sweet too

6. Loba

Looks superficially similar to stewed pork. But Loba mainly uses pork offal. Bring it to marinate in the stew and fry it again. Popular to eat as a snack to cure hunger in the afternoon. Paired with sweet and sour dipping sauce

7. Knomjean Phuket

Phuket people like to eat it in the morning. By eating with different types of curry soup, with a variety of vegetables as a side dish In addition, it is also popular with boiled eggs, steamed buns, and fried fish
. Where if you want to eat various types of curry He will mix it together like liquid + fish kidney curry. Liquid + liquid yum, etc. This is up to personal creation.

8. Otaw

Another local food of Phuket. Looks like fried clams. But the dough is more chewy Do not add bean sprouts to stir with. But will be eaten as a side dish instead