Falling in Love “ITALIANO” Indulge in authentic Italian

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Invite you to shop for many import and exclusive products under the event “Falling in Love ITALIANO” by Central. Food Hall in collaboration with the Italian Commercial Office in Thailand (ITA) and you will fall in love with Italy.

If you are one of those who have fallen in love with Italy, you must not miss Falling in Love ITALIANO, the festival for lovers of Italian food at Central Food Hall, gathering exclusive products for the foodie shopping lovers. Have tasted delicious food in style Real italian While shopping for many products to relieve nostalgia.

Story Apple, ITALIANO

For the specials that are prepare for everyone, such as the first in Thailand with the delicious Apple Story importing apples Planted and harvested from virgin lands in a UNESCO Reserve orchard, at the foot of the Alps’ highest Mot-Viso mountain range. Outstanding with a crunchy, juicy sweetness

Sweet line, ITALIANO 

Sweet line must be pleasing Majanese Corsa Chocolate. The world’s first chocolate bar made in Italy. Born in 1832 by Majani’s chocolate masters, a unique process is pass down from generation to generation. With a unique look like bark Giving a unique texture and flavor. That is unmatch If pair with risotto, you will be amaze by its extraordinary taste. Domori Chocolate Fill with Cherry and Cocoa Powder Taste the dark chocolate fill with cherries that are infuse with fine cocoa powder, sweet and slightly sour for a delicious moment.

Chef’s line, ITALIANO

Chefs love to cook, so they can enjoy choosing the best ingredients. Make meals at home become special Like a professional chef with products imported from Italy, such as golfeira salami mixed with cumin seeds. It is a traditional Italian salami. Made with carefully selected pork cooked according to a traditional recipe combined with fennel seeds. Giving a unique taste and aroma Gluten free All of Golfera’s Lactose and Packaging Bio additives are environmentally friendly. It is innovative, uses up to 60% less plastic than conventional tray designs and can be seal to lock in freshness.

Goldfera Dolce Salami, 50% Fat reduction, is a coarsely ground Italian beef, good taste and very light weight with less than 50% fat, gluten-free and only iodize sea salt. The flavor and lightness correspond to a modern and balanced lifestyle following the cooked ham mixed with black truffle.

Giving a charming fragrance and deep flavor. Or be it dry summer truffles to make your menu more special, pavarotti, balsamic, platino. Modena IGP’s high quality organic balsamic vinegar uses a traditional fermentation process and is age 4-10 years in Alico wood casks.

Incubated in wooden barrels before bottling. The sweet and sour taste, combined with a strong woody aroma, makes a perfect salad dressing for meats, cheeses and foie gras or gelato! Followed by Tonle Relli Alneiro Di Shapia Soft. And delicious pasta And organic crunchy red apple cereal For a convenient breakfast

Late eat

For the Food Lover who is good at tasting but doesn’t like to cook, don’t worry. Because at the event, there are definitely delicious ready-made products such as risotto ready for various flavors. That just unwrap the sachet boil in hot water Put on a plate and ready to eat. It feels like going out to a chef at an Italian restaurant ever. Or if you want a special meal in real Italian style, Central Eatery also offers freshly prepared food menus by chefs at Central Food Hall, such as BEEF BRACIOLE, CALAMARIPISELLI, CHICKEN FLORENTINE, freshly baked bread such as Italian Siabatta. Italian biscotti, various flavors of gelato ice cream.