Herbal juice, prevent COVID-19

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Herbal juice Thai herbs seen small But let me tell you that the benefits are very tight. And if it’s a herb that helps boost immunity, fight COVID-19, prevent flu as well. There are quite a few. Which these herbs can be picked up to make drinks. Herbal juice to make it easier to eat. For anyone looking for herbal drinks to enhance immunity during this period. Let’s see if there are any herbal juice that can be picked up!

1. Ginger juice

Ginger is a Thai herb that contains a lot of anti-oxidants. In addition it to helping to fight cancer. Against the growth of cancer cells well. Ginger also has antiviral properties that help prevent colds as well. The gingerol in ginger has properties that help reduce respiratory tract infections. And in addition, the experiment also found that Ginger also stimulates the activity of macrophage white blood cells, which are responsible for better trapping the influenza virus.

2. Kaempferia juice

Kaempferia is a herb that has good properties, not allergic to ginger at all. By Kaempferia is consider an elixir that many People often use it to make drinks to nourish the body. Help balance the blood pressure in the body. Reduces blood pressure when high blood pressure. But when the blood pressure is low, it will help increase the pressure to normal. It also has an anti-inflammatory effect. Help prevent disease caused by chronic inflammation within the body. And from the research. It was also found that the extract of Kaempferia contains substances. That have antiviral activity both before and after infection.

3. Turmeric juice

Turmeric can be use to make a drink to boost immunity too! Turmeric has properties that help strengthen the body’s immune system. Helps fight bacteria and viruses helps maintain healthy lungs Helps relieve cough help treat allergy And from the experiment also found. That turmeric also helps prevent pulmonary fibrosis from inflammatory processes. that occur after infection with the virus as well Which eating turmeric water can be done by scraping the turmeric peel off the bark and washing it thoroughly Then grind it thoroughly. Add water and squeeze the juice to drink 2 tablespoons at a time, 3 times a day.