Korean food diet menu ideas for weight loss

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Watch a lot of korean dramas Especially in any scene that has food It is believed that many people will immediately feel hungry. Making you have to find a Korean food restaurant to satisfy your taste buds Which in addition to being able to eat deliciously as you like It is also good for your health. If everyone eats according to Korean diet menu ideas for weight loss That we recommend Especially anyone who wants to be skinny, beautiful, good like a Korean girl You must eat like this! 


Vegetables are foods that can be eaten without limits anyway. Because it does not cause obesity Which we can eat fresh, cooked or marinated, such as kimchi or vegetable soup.


We can eat all types of fruit. Which fruit is a food that is rich in vitamins that are beneficial to the body. Especially anyone who wants to eat dessert Recommended to be the sweetness from the fruit is much better for your health.

Animal protein

Protein is another food that your body should get during your weight loss. It is recommended to be animal protein, whether it is eggs, meat, fish or seafood, etc. It is important to eat in small quantities in each meal as well.

Protein source for meat substitutes

In addition to eating protein from meat directly. We can also choose to have other protein sources as well, such as tofu, dried shiitake or oyster mushrooms. That is often used to make Korean food

Rice or thin noodles

Rice or thin noodles It is often one of the ingredients used in many Korean dishes. Including healthy food You will notice that Koreans eat rice with almost every meal on hand, similar to eating the ufabet Thai people.

Wheat-free grains

In Korea, chewy foods, pancakes, vermicelli are often made from mung beans, potatoes or tapioca starch. Which of these foods is a good alternative to eating it.

Korean diet to lose weight: day 1


  • Vegetable Omelette


  • Kimchi soup with pork or tofu


  • Vegetable Fried Rice

Korean diet to lose weight: day 2


  • Korean pancakes with vegetables, skinny mushrooms or seafood


  • Bibmbap with eggs, vegetables, meat or tofu


  • Japchae or Korean glass noodles

Korean diet to lose weight: day 3


  • Mandu, or Korean dumplings with meat or vegetables Made with rice and tapioca flour


  • Spicy Korean Coleslaw


  • Kimbap with vegetables, avocado, shrimp or tofu as desired.