“Plant Based Food”, Healthy Food Trends

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If we eat Plant Based Food, will it be healthy like eating normal food or not? What is the best way to eat plant based food? This is a question that many people are wondering about. But why are people so popular to eat? Today we have information about the trend of eating healthy food in a green way. 

Plant Based Food, Healthy Food Trends

When Plant Based Food is a popular food trend. Because it helps to keep healthy Can control weight. And save the world according to the belief in abstaining from meat as well Causing. Many people to turn their attention and eat more of this type of food. For example, people who abstain from meat on the Buddhist holy days Or his birthday. Or a person who does not eat beef in respect of Guanyin Is classified in this group

95% of Plant Based Food

Nearly 95% of plant based foods are mostly produced from fruits and vegetables that are substituted for protein. However, eating Plant Based Food does not mean … meat is prohibited. Animal products like eggs and milk Or have to eat only fish We can eat any kind of meat, but only in 5%.

Virtual food

The specialty of Plant Based Food is that all foods are produced. Will be made the most like real food Be it the taste, smell and color to make it look like an animal product. For example Beef burgers made from protein have been painted with beetroot to give them the natural color of a regular burger.

Advantages of eating plant based food

The advantages of eating Plant Based Food, which are different from eating normal food. Is to make it easier for us to lose weight This is because eating this type of food helps to have a lower body mass index than eating a normal diet. And improves health from the reduced meat intake More importantly, it also reduces the chance of developing various diseases. Which the percentage of disease Will be less than people who eat meat at every meal But at the same time, people who eat ufabet thai Plant Based Food will still receive complete and adequate nutrition. Or some meals may get more vitamins and minerals from plants and vegetables than eating in a normal meal as well.