Tips for frying food from an “air fryer”

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Air fryer the most popular kitchen appliances right now. Because not only can cook a good fried food. But the food that came out had no use of frying oil or any oil from the meat left to be seen. Therefore, the oil-free fryer is the most suitable kitchen appliance for health lovers in this era because it is easy to use. Easy to store and clean There are no difficult steps.

Using an air fryer for cooking

If you think that an oil-free fryer can only do fries. Let me tell you that you are wrong. Because the oil-free fryer can be used to cook in a variety of ways. Whether it’s baking, grilling, roasting or even dessert menus like bakery, it can be done easily in a few steps.

Dishes made from oil-free frying pans

Pork Ribs: You might think this is too tricky, but really, just put frozen pork ribs in an oil-free fryer.

Chicken Wings: The method is not difficult to make either. If you can make pork ribs Chicken wings are easy for you. It takes about 20 minutes to fry the chicken wings without oil until they are crispy and delicious. For deliciousness, do not forget to marinate the spices before throwing them into the fryer.

Potato/Yam: It’s definitely a flavor that everyone loves. They’re also great for weight loss. You can easily make baked potatoes, and you can also make fries in one pot only. where you don’t have to be afraid of being fat

Bacon: An English aristocratic breakfast is here. Many of you probably know bacon. how delicious it is But it’s better if we can eat it without fear of getting fat. And yes, an oil-free fryer can do it. No need to use water to fry and also to remove oil from the bacon. I can’t find a true friend like this anywhere else.

Omelette: If you’re wondering if an oil-free fryer can make an omelet, the answer is yes!

Brownies: The Impossible Dessert But it can be done easily and you don’t have to warm up the oven first as well. It saves time, the method is very simple and easy. All you need is the right brownies. Or you can also use ready-made brownie batter. by about 15 minutes at a temperature of 330 degrees

Overall, the menu from the oil-free fryer is It gives a crispy and delicious feeling like frying in oil. If it was a delicious score, it would be very similar, but if choosing health, then Let the menu from the oil-free fryer win. because it can actually extract the oil with what the brand has discussed Suitable for people who love health very much, butlers and housewives must have one in the kitchen