“Club House” communicates with voice

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Text communication might not be enough, Club house communicates with voice.
From the popular trend that is becoming famous now, like the Club house app, I would say that the app This is not anyone will be able to come and play. Because we have to get an invitation from friends who are already playing before they can enter. And one more thing is the app. This supports only smartphones in the iOS group, which is unknown if in the future will be open to the Android group to be able to download or not.

In the world, Clubhouse is like a Community, talking through voice. Like a forum that allows people to express their opinions Each room has both a subject matter, serious academic. And there is a room that emphasizes funny and relieves stress. Depending on what kind of story we want to hear.

Entering the community, we will meet a wide variety of celebrities like Elon Musk. Who talk about their “plans to live on Mars” in the Club house app, which has made the app a trend. Founder Vlad Tenev. Robinhood, celebrity equity app, Mark Zuckerberg , founder of Facebook Oprah Winfrey. The most influential black woman in the United States, Donald Trump Jr. , Donald Trump’s eldest son.

I think that the app. This became popular probably because Nowadays, people want more open space for their opinions. It’s not just communicating through intangible characters. Or another meaning is Commenting through the text alone is not enough. Because we don’t know who ultimately took the message. Resulting in both the receiver and the messenger. What it wants is more real is to listen to the voice of real people. See that more and more identity

Another thing that keeps Clubhouse trend is because it brings together a group of people discussing specific topics base on different interests. Like an open space for ideas Creative To exchange knowledge Through this platform to get closer to each other than ever before.

And whether in the future, the owner of the app Will this become a new social resource? But what Clubhouse does now is a sign that Finally, human beings would want to communicate to see more real and to reveal their identity. The intuition of communication is more than ever.