How much work is Apple’s expensive iMac Pro to use?

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The iMac Pro is Apple’s new product that, in addition to the conventional iMac, Apple also has an iMac Pro design. For pro users who love the all-in-one design of the iMac and want workstation-level performance. Call a leapfrog upgrade from the normal model, both a beautiful space gray design. And fast specs including price

In 2017, Apple release the iMac Pro family of computers, the iMac all-in-one computer with workstation-class CPUs that can be use for high-end tasks such as: 4K movie editing, 3D graphic work or machine learning and AI programming design for real pro users.

IMac Pro specs details

iMac Pro is design within a processor and graphics powerful as ever in the iMac  with the store data  memory  and I / O to the edge as possible, the CPU can be customize up to 18 core yet. It also comes with a high-performance Radeon Vega Graphics card. And can support a combined display of up to 44 million pixels. The display of the iMac Pro is a 5K display, just like the iMac 5K that is currently on sale. Which all specifications can be said to answer the needs of every operation very well. For anyone who wants to buy an All-in-one computer, pay one time.


Monitor screen Retina 5K, 27-inch and 5 mm. The screen is as good as Apple has come up with a high brightness of 500 nit wide 14.7-megapixel Supports color P3 and colorful display of thousands. Million colors Visualize a beautiful fully paid trip.

The 8-core

The 8-core Intel Xeon W processors are available up to 18-core, Turbo Boost up to 4.5GHz, and feature the AVX-512 vector instruction set and a state-of-the-art cache architecture to handle a lot of data. Faster and faster It can render images, edit videos up to 8K, edit photos, create real-time sound effects. Or quickly compile a 5-star app


32GB of 2666MHz ECC RAM , customizable up to 256GB, can easily model and render large 3D models and open multiple apps at the same time.


Graphics Radeon Pro Vega, the best graphics ever available in an iMac leverage more powerful leap forward. It helps to increase frame speed , real-time 3D rendering, more realistic special effects. And gaming at the highest quality level


SSD with an initial capacity of 1TB and up to 4TB, a 3.3GB / s write rate and a 2.8GB / s read rate, making it possible to work with large 4K and HD projects, no matter what codec is being used. Throughput up to 3GB / s, loading massive files and opening apps is quick. More than ever


Chip Apple T2 Security, which is a chip that two of us designed for Mac only works by integrating the controls used in other Mac systems are also making iMac Pro more securely with a coprocessor. Secure Enclave.

Thermal Management 

Thermal Management Apple has redesigned the thermal architecture of the iMac Pro with an innovative dual blower. A high-performance heat sink and optional vents allow nearly 75% more air to flow through and 80% more heat build-up in the system, helping the iMac Pro handle 500 watts more power than the iMac. 27-inch models by 67%


Connect Thunderbolt 3 of 4 ports can be connected to a monitor 5K has  2 screens , or if a high number of megapixels to 44 megapixels and it can transfer data at incredible speed 40Gb / s.


Accessories In addition to the incredibly efficient display, Apple includes accessories in the box. With the Gray Space Gray, a duet with iMac Pro as well as to connect wirelessly rechargeable and it dominates the Magic Keyboard comes with a number buttons to
match your selection. Between Magic Mouse 2 or Magic Trackpad 2  .

But the most harrowing is the Apple Magic Mouse and Magic Keyboard, the cool black that comes with every iMac Pro.