How to use “Clubhouse on Android”

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Finally, ClubHouse social platform for Voice Chat has launch a user’s smartphone operating system Android download applications are already take. Previously, it only supported iOS.

For Clubhouse on Android users wondering how does  Clubhouse play? How to apply? Ufabet Online will answer questions with step-by-step instructions on how to apply can be easily followed no hassle.

How to use Clubhouse to apply? Easy to follow step by step


It is a social media platform. that looks like online meeting. Them to create room to discuss issues with Moderator Speaker and Listener by anyone. Who can contribute to the discussion by step approach.

Using Clubhouse and the sign-up process is simple:

  • After downloading the Clubhouse app, open the app > select Get your username to start signing up. 
  • Register with Mobile number > select Next
  • The system will send a 4-digit SMS to the specified phone number > fill in the 4-digit number > select Next. 
  • Type your first name in the first box and last name in the last box. Clubhouse recommends that most people who use this app use your real name in conversations > select Next. 
  • After that, enter the Username. You want to use > select Next. 
  • The system will lead to a page that appears Username to confirm that this name can be used. and the next step is We are looking for an invitation to join the Clubhouse. 
  • How do you get a Clubhouse invite? The specialty of this app is Applicants must have their Clubhouse active friends send us an invitation. For Android users can tell your iOS friends who already use it to send us an invitation,  where we’ll need to give our friends their phone number, after which a link will be sent via SMS on our mobile phone. Press that link.
  • Enter your mobile phone number again > select Next.
  • Select Profile Picture. To show our identity > select Next
  • At this stage can Choose a topic that interests you, divided into several categories.
  • Select Follow Friends in the list that we have > select Look good
  • The system will lead The forum page has many rooms for us to try to choose to listen to topics of interest. And we can host our own Clubhouse by creating a chat room at the Start a room command.
  • Welcome to the Clubhouse , all steps have been completed. It works by organizing a chat room. Or you can listen to the conversation with friends in different rooms that are interested.

It is not difficult. Just go through the application process. and receive an invitation can join the conversation in various rooms of interest. Who are looking for a free space to exchange ideas with people in various fields