“Leica Q2 Daniel Craig x Greg Williams” 750 in the world

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The new Leica Boutique opens at the Emporium with a glimpse of the Leica Q2 Daniel Craig x Greg Williams, only 750 produced in the world!

People who love photography are happy when Leica Camera Thailand by Danai Sorakaikitikul Elis executive (ALIST) importer and distributor of Leica (Leica) brand of cameras and photographic equipment. World classics German citizenship Celebrate the opening of the new Leica Boutique Emporium in the heart of the city on 70 square meters of space in a new color scheme but still retaining the identity of Leica. Including the exclusive zone for Leika lovers to exchange their views and photography techniques. The event also unveiled the latest Leica Q2 Special Edition – the Leica Q2 Daniel Craig x Greg Williams, only 750 produced in the world. Award-winning actor Daniel Craig (6th James Bond) and Greg Williams.

Leica Boutique Emporium

Leica Boutique Emporium comes in a white color scheme, which is different from other Leica stores in Thailand, but still retains the identity of Leica like red, black and gray, which has a modern and Cozy, relaxed and friendly vibe For the most exclusive experience for Leica lovers all day long. Both the display angle shows cameras and lenses. To be able to choose to buy And consulting usage In addition, there is also a relaxation corner so that Laika lovers can spend time meeting, chatting and exchanging experiences with each other. Including setting up a space for exhibiting photos from artists Or new photographers who are also notable for their work from Leica Akademie.

Leica Q2 Special Edition

For the latest Leica Q2 Special Edition – Leica Q2 Daniel Craig x Greg Williams is a special edition camera. Produced in a limited number of only 750 in the world only. Sold for 221,400 baht, it has been create in collaboration with award-winning actor Daniel Craig and one of the acclaimed photographers, Greg Williams.

Best of england They are both passionate photography and passionate fans of Leica, so no collaboration is more appropriate than this time, with Greg Williams has an outstanding performance in capturing moments. This iconic Hollywood theme has also been photograph for James Bond since the first installment of Daniel Craig. Along with a special set of behind-the-scenes books and pictures As well as taking several pictures of Daniel Craig movie posters.

Daniel Craig said of this collaboration. “To me, the Q2 is a perfect camera and no improvement needs to be done. Therefore, having the opportunity to work with many The amazing lord from Leica and my friend Greg Williams to create something unique like this. So it is really my pride and honor. “

Greg Williams said: “We both have a bond. Because we love the cameras use in ‘Casino Royale’ too, and Daniel takes great photos and sharp eyes with the Leica Q2. Is like an extension of my hair. You can say that you hardly ever see me without this camera around your neck. So working with Daniel and the Leica team to create this limited edition camera has been very special. ”

Leica Q2 Daniel Craig x Greg

The Leica Q2 Daniel Craig x Greg Williams retains the same features as the Leica Q2. But features a unique, elegant design. The external body of the camera is highlight in black and gold. All text on the camera and lens are engrave in gold. It is also the first time that a camera name. And serial number has been laser engraved under the glass of the camera screen. The original Leica logo was also tweak by replacing. The red Leica name dot with a black dot with gold lettering for the first time.

The strap is made from high-quality natural dye Nappa leather. And emboss Leica logo, along with a gold-plate clasp. And also having the same leather discs. Which is engrave with a diamond emboss elegantly Comes off on the camera as well In addition. Each camera includes accessories. It also comes with a specially designed hinged box to showcase the camera. Such as the gold text and the black silk lining.