Samsung launches Neo QLED TV lineup

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Samsung officially launches Neo QLED TVs in Thailand. Ready to break all the limits of clarity and create the phenomenal perfection of viewing. Through future sustainable TV innovation and smart features for all today’s needs. Reinforcing its position as the # 1 leader in the global TV market for 15 years with a line-up of TVs that are more than just an electrical appliance. But also enhances your lifestyle.

According to the Nielsen survey, consumer behavior in recent times tends to use TV for more purposes. Whether it’s watching news stories , listening to podcasts, or connecting to the internet via TV.

Moreover, the growing behavior of TV continues to grow despite the easing in many countries. Activities such as home entertainment have grown to the highest in six years, showing consumers’ expectations that home TVs have the same picture and sound quality as theaters.

Samsung is committed to providing a complete viewing experience on TV screens. With smart features for living in the home such as productive and distinctive designs that fit into modern lifestyles Guaranteed the best of innovation with the Innovation. Awards from the International Electronics Fair 2021 (CES 2021), as well as being certified for gaming performance. And image technology for eye care From the Institute of Electrical Engineering, Verband Deutscher Elektrotechniker (VDE), Germany. The latest is also certify by the Wi-Fi Alliance (WFA) as a TV capable of connecting and exchanging data up to 4 times faster than commercial TVs with high stability via Wi-Fi 6E.

A great phenomenon in the TV industry with an extraordinary small innovation

Samsung has launched its Neo QLED lineup in both the 8K flagship level and 4K resolution at the heart of the Neo QLED TV technology, Quantum Mini LED technology, which is 40 times smaller than normal LED bulbs. Place the origin to show more closely. Precisely controlled by the innovative Quantum Matrix, power by the Neo Quantum Processor chipset. It delivers an immersive experience close to the ideal of definition and color.

40 times smaller than the Quantum Mini LED, the LCD Panel eliminates the need for a lamp cover. The resulting image is completely free from blooming, resulting in an image with perfect contrast of light and shadow. It offers 12 – bit brightness (4096 steps) and deep black shadows. Additionally, the Neo Quantum Processor upscales low resolution video signals up to 8K, creating a truly immersive viewing experience from all angles. Design an Ultra Viewing Angle monitor

To fill the atmosphere of viewing to get the most enjoyment Samsung has design the audio system with state-of-the-art technology to promote stunning images on the screen. With SpaceFit Sound technology that analyzes the room’s surroundings and automatically optimizes the TV’s sound. This allows the audience to enjoy the perfect sound from every corner of the room. In addition to analyzing the area, Neo QLED can also analyze noise to adjust its loudness to suit the environment. The user does not miss any viewing, and the innovative Object Tracking Sound Pro (OTS Pro) moves the sound to the picture according to the position of the sound source. Allowing audiences to immerse themselves in every detail of the sound more deeply.

Redefining TV functions Answers to all lifestyles in the home

Neo QLED is a device to enhance the lifestyle that will meet the lifestyle needs in the era of having to work or study at home more. It comes with many smart features that facilitate work. Increase productive. And can relax more than ever before. It’s also easier to go a step further with Google Assistant that supports Thai voice commands. Let Thais control Samsung TV freely through the microphone on the remote control.

For anyone who has to work or study at home, Neo QLED will be your computer with the PC on TV feature built into Microsoft 365 on your TV, allowing you to create, edit documents or access files on your TV’s web browser through the app. Easy Connection application can also work with a team as if they were sitting together in the office. With video calling on Google Duo feature that supports up to 32 calls at one time with unlimited platform. Via a supported webcam or from a smartphone connected to the TV.

In leisure time Neo QLED is the secret weapon for all your victories in all your favorite games. With a new feature like Super Ultrawide GameView, a function to expand the view to a wide screen 2 levels, both 21: 9 and 32: 9, helping to cover every event on the screen and with a Game Bar feature to enhance the game control. Which can adjust the screen size Check video signal speed (input lag) and easily connect accessories. At your fingertips All these great features are on smooth images from Motion Xcelerator Turbo + technology and Free Premium Pro with fast response with innovative Auto Low Latency Mode that Samsung is full for gamers in particular.

Sustainable technology For every kind of audience’s reach

In addition to Samsung will continue to develop technology and innovation to enhance life. Samsung is also concerned with access to technology and creating sustainability in society. With the vision of “Better Normal for All”, Samsung’s technology is design with care, including in Neo QLED TVs as well. For the line-up of Samsung TVs, Samsung takes care of every detail in every step from production to production. Use Including the reuse of materials To pave the way to the path “Going Green” in the full range of TV business.

Samsung’s TV line has put in place systems to reduce carbon footprint and reduce energy consumption. Including designing environmentally friendly packaging. Samsung will be able to reduce the amount of waste from corrugated boxes by 200,000 tons per year. In addition, by 2021, Samsung TVs will be equipped with a solar remote control. Which is built from components of Plastic from water bottles In 7 years. Samsung will save 99 million AA batteries, with a solar remote control 86 percent more energy efficient.

In terms of increasing accessibility, Neo QLED technology comes with features that help people with hearing and vision impairments conveniently access content on their TV. With the introduction of AI technology as the heart, such as the Caption Moving feature that allows users to scroll the cap anywhere on the screen. Make captions readable and view images at the same time continuously and the Sign Language Zoom feature that enlarges the image of the sign language interpreter by up to 200 percent by 2022. Samsung plans to expand the voice information feature (Voice Guide). As well

Unlimited design To experience the boundless picture

Samsung has elevated the Neo QLED design aesthetics by cutting unnecessary parts to increase the space for an unobstructed viewing experience . Samsung’s signature Infinity Q Screen design reduces the thickness of the TV frame so that. It is almost imperceptible with state-of-the-art technology and meticulous design process. The stainless steel frame of the Neo QLED 8K TV is just 0.8mm thick, so the TV appears to be floating freely.

Samsung Neo QLED 8K (QN800A and QN900A) is now available in sizes 65 inches, 75 inches and 85 inches starting at 94,990 baht, while the 4K resolution models (QN90A and QN85A) are available in a variety of sizes starting from 50 inches until 85 inches, starting at 44,990 baht, owning Neo QLED through the Samsung Online Shop, paying 0% installments up to 15 months, starting at only 2,999 baht per month and receiving a maximum 3-year warranty.