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Smart Home System is a device that can be sent via the Internet. Come to work with software On the mobile phone Allows us to control the electrical system Appliances or Various home security systems by pressing a button via a smartphone (Smartphone) or using a voice (Voice Command) helps living and taking care of the house to be comfortable, modern, safe, and save a lot of time up.

Smart Home system

It is the application of smart phone technology (Smartphone) that can install applications, plus communication via the Internet (Internet) and Internet technology of things ( ioT: Internet of Things) that allows sensors or small devices that can transmit information over the Internet at low power from long-lasting batteries.

Smart Home system products

Smart Home system has been brought to the fore into product. Either as a single product or as a system that brings together devices such as remote control, Lighting System,
Electric Power, Home Security
, Smoke Detect or Gas Leak ( Gas Leak) or Water Leak
, a monitoring system on the health of residents (Health Monitoring System), etc.

Main advantages

By the main advantages Is to be able to generate alarm remotely. Through smartphones, we can be aware of the state all the time, no matter where we are in the world or create automatic work (Automation) according to the situation, such as set an alarm and turn on music, turn on the light, boil coffee or turn on the air conditioner. Turn on the lights, turn on the music softly, before we get home. To get the right cool temperature when you arrive at your home, for example. It is now widely use in America, Europe and Asian countries such as China, Gaolie, Japan.