Windows 11, Microsoft released a new version

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Microsoft release Windows 11, a new version of the operating system. That has been redesign many things. to provide a better experience for users. Which is expect to be available at the end of this year. But if we want to be the first to try Windows 11, what should we do??

At this time, Windows 11 is not available to users to download or use immediately after launch. But on the website Microsoft has state that over the next week. A test version of it will be released for testing. But it cannot be download or installed directly. It must be update through the Windows Insider Program ufabet online. A program for developers or users interest in trying new features.

Those who haven’t signed up for the Windows Insider Program can easily apply through the website or through Windows by going to Settings > Update & Security > Windows Insider Program to apply for the program.

After that, to be able to install the Insider Preview version of Windows 11, it is necessary to have the machine’s features that meet the requirements of it which can be checked through the PC Health Check program.

However, for Users who have already joined the Windows Insider in the Dev Channel (before June 24, 2021) will still be able to upgrade to Windows 11, even if their devices are not sufficient to meet it features. It’s official. Insider users on insufficiently qualified devices won’t get updates. And it is necessary to wipe the machine and go back to using Windows 10 as before.,

Microsoft has state that a beta version of Windows 11 will be release to users participating in the Windows Insider program next week.