How many calories are reduced by “surf skating”?

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Recently, the Surf Skate trend is very strong, making many people wonder where this famous trend came from and what is Surf Skate? Let’s answer it simply. This is a board sport that is created by a combination of skateboarding and surfing. The design of the Surf Skate sheet is so that we can surf on land. Plus, the plate size is larger than a skateboard, it also makes the player more balanced.

In addition to the strong trend, did you know that playing Surf Skate is also considered a cardio and weight training exercise as well. Sweat can be healthy. And not out of trend at the same time by playing that players must balance on the board. Make a similar gesture Standing squat repeatedly Of course, this pose helps the buttocks. And thighs are stronger and firmer

If we skate for 30 minutes, we will be able to burn 150 Kcal, but if one still feels that it is not good at this sport. There are also many other sports that can burn calories as well.

  • Walk 3 kilometers in 30 minutes, maybe a little faster. But not so slow Will be able to burn 120 Kcal.
  • Hit the badminton for about 30 minutes by the girls will have to hit the ball with it. Not standing still This will help reduce 135 Kcal.
  • Step up the stairs. Seen in fitness We will be able to walk up and down. Like walking up a normal staircase This will allow us to reduce by 180 Kcal.
  • Dance light aerobic Maybe with a gesture that doesn’t dance very strongly Dance to the slow music But to dance continuously, non-stop in 30 minutes will reduce up to 210 Kcal.
  • Cycling passive. But not too late And not too fast Making it to your own rhythm will help reduce 210 Kcal.
  • Boxing Popular sports that can be reduced in all parts And make it burn It is also fun, which will reduce 270 Kcal.
  • Skipping rope is a sport that burns a lot of calories. But recommends that anyone with a lot of weight Probably shouldn’t play this sport For 30 minutes, jumping rope will help burn 270 Kcal.

Anyone who wants to skate Be sure to wear knee guards, knuckles, and choose standard protective gear. And play in the place provided as well