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"Mi Watch Six Sports Upgrades" You Should Not Miss

“Mi Watch Six Sports Upgrades” You Should Not Miss

Mi Watch Six Sports Upgrades as light as a lipstick stick With all new customizable frames *Release your energy and make your workouts more enjoyable.* Light weight design, only 32g: Refers to the net weight of the watch (excluding strap).* The watch case weighs approximately

Let's check in Phuket together, holiday

Let’s check in Phuket together, holiday

Just mention the name “Phuket Province” pictures of the beauty of the sea must appear in Lady head, right? Of course, if you get to experience the real place, it would be something really beautiful as the pearl of Andaman. In addition to the recent coronavirus, the South

"Club House" communicates with voice

“Club House” communicates with voice

Text communication might not be enough, Club house communicates with voice.From the popular trend that is becoming famous now, like the Club house app, I would say that the app This is not anyone will be able to come and play. Because we have to get an

"Plant Based Food", Healthy Food Trends

“Plant Based Food”, Healthy Food Trends

If we eat Plant Based Food, will it be healthy like eating normal food or not? What is the best way to eat plant based food? This is a question that many people are wondering about. But why are people so popular to eat? Today we have information about

How many calories are reduced by "surf skating"?

How many calories are reduced by “surf skating”?

Recently, the Surf Skate trend is very strong, making many people wonder where this famous trend came from and what is Surf Skate? Let’s answer it simply. This is a board sport that is created by a combination of skateboarding and surfing. The design of the Surf

"Koh Lanta" and "Krabi" Long Vacation Plan

“Koh Lanta” and “Krabi” Long Vacation Plan

Heard of the beauty of Koh Lanta for a long time, but have never been to. So this trip has to pack the bag. Fly straight to Krabi. Visit Koh Lanta once. Come to Krabi, don’t forget to stop and eat Kanom Jeen Kochoi Get off the machine

8 local Phuket food Go and have to try

8 local Phuket food Go and have to try

Phuket, just stepping into the city and you know that This is a city with a clear mix of indigenous and Chinese cultures. Whether it is about buildings and houses To the subject of many different types of food And should definitely be pleased with foodies from different countries With a