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Lifestyle, lifestyle and preferences are another factor that determines the travel guidelines of each person. Today we have 5 styles and 5 attractions that suit you. Let’s introduce each other.

What style of traveler are you?

1. Adventure Lover style, love adventure – Australia

If you like adventure travel, love adventure, you like challenging activities. The country that satisfies you well Is Australia Due to its diverse terrain providing a great variety of adventure activities, Australia is a top destination for extreme travelers.Activities such as trekking in Tasmania, diving at The Great Barrier Reef, rock climbing and Sky diving at The outback, or Kite Boarding in Gold Coast is a great challenge for all Adventure travelers.

2. Eating Lover style, likes to search for delicious food – Japan

Japan It is a country that meets the needs of tourists in the Eating Lover style as well. Because it is a country with a lot of delicious food Both savory and sweet food Especially the famous food in the world, such as sushi, ramen or local snacks Cake that has been created to come out cute and delicious to eat. You can say that almost every city in Japan will not disappoint you. In particular, Hokkaido is known as the Kingdom of Food because of its abundance of food in all its forms.

3. History Lover’s style is fond of historical tourism – Egypt

Egypt It is a country that responds to the needs of historical tourists who love to travel in history as well. Because of its long history It is famous for the nature of the Nile River. Including many great ancient monuments such as pyramids, cathedrals, as well as architecture, paintings and sculptures that are more than a thousand years old in various fields, known as Egypt It is a country that tourists in History Lover style have to find an opportunity to experience themselves once in their lifetime.

4. Scenic Lover’s style, likes beautiful atmosphere

If you are a Scenic Lover tourist in Austria Will be a country that meets your needs as well Because there is a beautiful atmosphere that seems to come out of a painting Austria is a beautiful place with a spectacular mountain landscape. Green trees And colorful flowers Including buildings that still retain their original architectural style as well Regardless of the season Travel in the city and outside the city Austria will definitely not disappoint you in terms of the atmosphere.

5. Shopping Lover style that likes shopping – USA

If you are a Shopping Lover style traveler, America is one country that meets your needs as well. Both cosmetics, clothing, brand-name clothing in the shop and in the outlet that has a wide selection. In addition, most of the shopping in the United States. It is also a guarantee that you will get a genuine item back as well. Anyone who is a Shopping Lover must not miss it.