5 trekking routes to see the most beautiful waterfall in the world

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While the world-famous Niagara or Iguazu falls are filled with tourists from all over. Surrounded by restaurants, food stalls, gift shops. and tourist shuttles. Looking for an organic experience to escape the aforementioned hustle and bustle? Trekking to see the waterfall is also interesting. Let’s take a look at where these 8 paths are located in each corner of the world.

Veliki Slap, Croatia

The National Marine Lake Pliny the simple example of Croatia. There are 7 waterfalls in total, but Veliki Slap is named the tallest. To see this grandeur, the easy way is to take Route A from Entrance 1 and hike a 2.2-mile loop through the falls. But if you’re up for the challenge, take Route C from Entrance 1 and enjoy a 5-mile hike interspersed with stunning landscapes by boat and train.

Cola de Caballo, Spain

Ordesa y Monte Perdido National Park has several beautiful waterfalls too, but Cola de Caballo is the most spectacular. It’s recommended to park at the Pradera de Ordesa car park to begin the 11-mile journey. If you go early, you may have time to spare. Continue a half mile past the waterfalls for a lunchtime picnic at the Refugio de Góriz mountain hut. as well

Havasu Falls, Arizona, USA

Before seeing the bright blue pond among the red-orange cliffs was not easy. The reason for this is that the waterfall has no road access and is located in the Havasu Pai tribal lands, so get a permit before you arrive and drive 4 hours from the southern rim of Grand Canyon National Park. Hike to Huala Pai Peak, then take an 8-mile trek to Supai Village and a 2-mile hike to Havasu Falls, and most importantly, the falls are not open daily. May have to stay overnight as well.

Gocta Waterfall, Peru

Gocta is regarded as one of the tallest waterfalls in the world. It is located in the Amazonas region of northern Peru. There are many ways to get to the waterfall. The easiest trek is from the village of Cocachimba, about 6 miles round-trip, but if you want a closer look at both the upper and lower waterfalls, take the trekking route. Alternatively, start from San Pablo and trek through Cocachimba Falls for about 9 miles.

Tappiya Falls, Philippines

The waterfall is close to Batad village. Visitors can rent a motorcycle or take public transport from central Banaue and walk about 15 minutes to reach the village. And from the village to the waterfall it takes about 45 minutes. The journey may take a full day. But it’s worth it as this route takes you past the Batad Rice Terraces, which are also a UNESCO World Heritage Site.