9 advantages of “travel Get fit and be full of health”

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Although there are quite a few people who want to visit often, but believe it or not, there are also a group of people who like to stay at home. The type cannot overcome the lazy one. In the end, I rarely go out and open his eyes anywhere with him. In fact, just by taking your body to travel a bit, your health will be happy.

1. Stimulate the body’s immune system.

          The more messed up, the more experience This sentence is not intend for when the child is naughty. Because we can also use it with the immune system as well. With studies that say Allowing the body to go on an adventure with bacteria or germs outside of the area is like increasing the immune system’s skill in finding a way to deal with it. Different types of harmful germs can be more effective,

          but this does not mean that we have to fully mingle with germs. Maintaining hygiene to always be clean And sticking to the principle of eating hot, medium spoons and washing hands are still a practice that should not be ignored as well.

2. Relieve stress

          because traveling helps us to relax. It is another way to relax your body directly. Which has been reported by scientific research After returning from traveling The body will continue to be full of happiness for about 3-7 days, based on the volunteers’ happiness mass measurements. The body of the person who has traveled will still feel relaxed. Have relatively low stress levels And found that he was in a good mood for almost a week after returning home

3. Helps to nourish the brain. It is

          easy to explain that having travel Open the eyes It allows us to experience a different life from the original life, so the brain has to work hard to process. This will help the brain to get some exercise. Especially in the process of learning and remembering That pretends to be more active than the rest

4. Develop Emotion

          Research published in the journal Personality and Social Psychology reports that people who have traveled abroad or went to study abroad. Tend to improve emotional expression skills Or simply referred to as having a more stable emotional intelligence (EQ). Due to having to deal with situations that need to survive And opening up the world will also improve life skills more than people living in the same environment.

5. Keeps the body fit

          Just moving is equal to exercise. Of course, we will be able to do more than just move because this is an opportunity for us to walk more. Doing activities that are more than sitting at the table Or sleep watching a series at home So, traveling often is like getting fit and get stronger.

6. Helps reduce feelings of depression

          For those who feel lethargic, similar to life without any inspiration until they feel depressed. I recommend you to pack your belongings and go for a trip immediately. Because being able to open your eyes in new places can help pull you out of your grief. Or at least it will open up another world, giving you a broader perspective on life.

7. Restore peace of mind

          Allowing ourselves to be immersed in the same environment can be distracting our minds. These unhappy conditions can affect our mental and physical health. Not directly or indirectly Therefore, it is recommended to travel to change the atmosphere. Go on a trip to beautiful places, have activities to do, or go on a tour as a group. Meeting new friends Being surrounded by new environments may allow us to rethink our own thoughts. Organize life to fit again And having enough consciousness to return to fight any problem with a clear mind

8. Help prevent the risk of heart disease!

          A study from the Global Coalition on Aging and the Travel Agency Association of America found that Just getting a travel plan can help stimulate happiness. Reduce the tension and pressure for us now. This will help reduce the risk of heart disease as well. Additionally, a Framingham Heart study found that people who travel frequently were more likely to suffer from heart failure. As well as having other heart disease risks reduced as well.

9. Longevity

          A study from the University of Arkansas School of Health Sciences found that travel helps reduce stress. Positively affects both internal and external health It also helps maintain brain function separately. All of the advantages mentioned above can help to confirm that if we enjoy traveling frequently, ufabet online good overall health will help to extend our life too.