“Koh Lanta” and “Krabi” Long Vacation Plan

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Heard of the beauty of Koh Lanta for a long time, but have never been to. So this trip has to pack the bag. Fly straight to Krabi. Visit Koh Lanta once.

Come to Krabi, don’t forget to stop and eat Kanom Jeen Kochoi

Get off the machine immediately Must visit the famous Kanom Jeen That he said If not eating like you did not arrive to Krabi That is the shop “Ban Thung Yipeng” which is not far from the airport Plain rice noodles But the taste is really not normal, the fresh rice noodles that the restaurant has made by the shop is very good for a long time, so come and order to taste every liquid, including Pa Na Na Krathi, Crab Curry Paste, Fish Tai Curry Paste, Green Curry Paste with Chicken.

Order a large set like this, can eat 3-4 people, side dishes, various local vegetables. All the items in the south Or if you want to order a dish The price is also cute, only 20 baht per dish. And that cannot be miss If you come here, you must order, that is frie chicken. Not enough to eat one piece. Hot and crispy fried chicken with Kanom Jeen is a perfect match.

Pimalai Resort & Spa

We are full and continue our journey. The highlight of this trip, we are going to stay at “Pimalai Resort & Spa”, a luxury Thai-style resort with 5 stars under the concept. “Secret Sanctuary” covers an area of ​​more than 250 rai, surrounded by abundant nature. And next to the beach that stretches 900 meters, the first step that you arrive can feel that We are really living with nature. Because of the natural scenery, green forest, blue sea in the serenity of the resort, it makes us seem like we are entering another world. Therefore it is not surprising that The guests who stay here are so very special. They range from princesses to Hollywood stars who have always chosen this place to stay in their hearts.

For people who like both mountain and sea views We recommend choosing a Hillside Ocean View Pool Villa that offers a nearly 360 degree view of Ba Kan Tiang Bay. Is a room that is clearly divide Between the bedrooms, the living room, with the swimming pool in the middle. That can lie in water You can see the view comfortably with the Day Bed beside the pool and the highlight is the newly renovate bathroom with large bathtub. 

Soaking bed with a beautiful sea view. Yes, for people who like to be near the sea. And take a walk on the beach We recommend choosing the Bayfront Deluxe. Beachside Villa with 1 Bedroom, 2 Bedroom, or 3 Bedroom Villas as the villas are very large. And right by the sea Saw a beautiful view Listen to the sound of waves from inside the room. And able to walk down to the beach a little closer. Will walk to the restaurant Going to the bar is also very convenient.

When the massage is complete, it comes out to sit and sip hot ginger water. While listening to the sound of the waterfall The atmosphere is good, I hardly want to leave the spa at all.
And the most impressive Is the service here To really give five stars All the staff are lovely. Beaming Always ready to serve So this trip is so happy. If anyone is looking for a good accommodation at Koh Lanta, I recommend this place.

Ban Thung Yipeng Community Mangrove Forest

Ban Thung Yipeng Community Mangrove Forest Koh Lanta additionally Another activity that you should not miss in Koh Lanta. Is to visit mangrove forests at Ban Thung Yipeng community Koh Lanta, an area of ​​more than 1,900 rai, an area of ​​over 1,000 rai of land. Most of the villagers are Muslims who settled about 100 years ago. “Toh Yipeng” is the name of a man who came to live in this village when “Toh Yipeng” died. This area Therefore is call “Thung Yee Peng” if anyone who likes ecotourism I want to take a boat to see the view and get the positive energy of the forest. See many natural aquatic animals such as red-eyed shellfish, cockles, black crabs. You must not miss a visit here.

For anyone staying at Pimalai Resort and Spa interested in visiting mangrove forests. You can tell the hotel to arrange a trip. This holiday, if you are looking for a place to relax, where to go? Koh Lanta has come here, I am not really disappointed.