Let’s check in Phuket together, holiday

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Just mention the name “Phuket Province” pictures of the beauty of the sea must appear in Lady head, right? Of course, if you get to experience the real place, it would be something really beautiful as the pearl of Andaman. In addition to the recent coronavirus, the South Sea had time to recover. The tourists are not overflowing like the past. It’s like going back 30 years ago. It is a chill trip You don’t have to be crowded with anyone. Plus the belongings are not as expensive as you think.

1. Phi Phi Island

Clear sea and blue sky Is one of the things that are unique to Koh Phi Phi No matter who came, all spoke with one voice about the beauty of this place. Which now let’s say that the sea is much clearer than before. Because in the past, during the COVID period, he had closed tourism. Let nature fully revitalize itself Let me say that the water is clear, the beach is beautiful, it seems that it has taken us back to the time in the sea in the past 30 years.

With the sea being extremely fertile Giving the opportunity to meet with dolphins as well People here say that they have the right to meet younger people almost every day. Another activity that the girls Come and you must not miss for Phi Phi Island is diving, jumping, swimming at Pileh Lagoon, taking beautiful photos with monkeys at Monkey Beach. Of course, it is a place to capture images of every nook and cranny in a burst. Because here he is as beautiful as the words Andaman heritage

2.Promthep Cape

The stop for watching the sunset is known as Continue to be the most beautiful in Thailand “Cape Promthep” is another highlight that anyone must visit when visiting Phuket. With beautiful scenery as far as the eye can see In the evening saw a beautiful light From the gradual sun Fall into the sea Such a picture that anyone can see it must be engraved. Get the atmosphere around Full of sugar palm trees There was a wind blowing in It makes this place even more romantic. Good luck when MIRROR went to the open sky. Not much cloudy Making it fully experience the atmosphere You can also visit the Brahma shrine. And Krom Luang Chumphon Monument, Khet Udomsak Or going to see the Kanchanaphisek lighthouse Which has an exhibition to educate knowledge about the lighthouse It is also a viewpoint as well.

3. Laem Krating

Who wants to admire the beauty of the sunset But I don’t want to go to a crowded place. Laem Krating is another interesting place as well. Because it is not far from Laem Phromthep The beauty is not less than any other place, around there are alternate pale yellow grass fields. Give you a warm feeling Will come with friends You can come with your girlfriend as well. Can also walk and chill Go down to the bottom to have a close contact with the sea, too. MIRROR recommends that if the girls. Anyone who wants to walk, wear sneakers since 4 o’clock and walk carefully. 

4. Wat Chalong Luang Pho Cham

Arrived in Phuket, another must-see place is Wat Chalong Luang Pho Cham Or Wat Chaithararam Priceless temple of the people of Phuket No matter who comes, they have to worship Luang Pho Cham. For good fortune for yourself and your family Inside the temple, there is a wax figure of the Lord Buddha in a replica of the cloister. Which is very beautiful and admirable

5. Old Phuket Town

Let’s go back to the old town known as the city of photography. Able to pick up the camera to capture the most beautiful pictures Whether walking with friends Walking to find delicious restaurants, chic cafes or shopping will definitely satisfy all styles of women, with the city being built into Sino-Portuguese architecture. With bright colors Making this city even more charming No matter who came, they fell in love. And every Sunday evening there is still a very busy walking street. Such a perfect fit for MIRROR girls.

6. The Feelsion Cafe

When you arrive in Phuket, how do you miss checking in a cafe? But let me tell you that it comes out to look good and put it in the best example. Although there are quite a lot of people But the atmosphere inside the shop looks open and airy Not as crowded as you think With a high wall Plus a light came through With big and small trees Make this place like many people as well. Lady MIRROR who likes to take pictures will definitely like it. Because we can take pictures all over the shop No matter what angle it is, it will all look beautiful. Not all that, Thai desserts, cakes, waffles, other desserts, drinks and savory dishes are also available.

7. Krua Om Phuket

Any girl who wants to taste Michelin-starred food? But affordable Must come here “Krua Om Phuket”, a local style restaurant that has received the Michelin Guide 2020 award for his signature dish. Who comes to have to order is Boiled Fish with Soybean Paste Super rich taste Fragrant with herbs, galangal and ginger in full Plus the fish meat is firm. Not even a bit fishy. Calling freshness as well. Next is stir-fried shrimp with salted egg. I can tell you that this dish is great with the combination of salted eggs and cha-om. Making us almost forget the shrimp on the plate Because eating just this is absolutely delicious and another dish that MIRROR would like to recommend is stir-fried liang leaves with eggs. The taste is mellow, the vegetables are not sticky, not bitter, not withered, because they are fried just enough for the vegetables to fade. Plus not soaking oil as well Will eat with rice or have fun It’s cool as well.

8. Jimmy Kata Surf

Finally, with popular activities right now, surfing is inevitable. Of course, coming to Phuket even though Lady MIRROR will miss it. For surf spots, we recommend Kata Beach. As for anyone who is a beginner to learn to play, do not have to worry, because at Jimmy Kata Surf, he has a teacher who is a surfing coach. In addition, all teachers are also kind, cute, and take good care of their safety. And most importantly, the teaching is also quite private. Make sure you know Can definitely follow But if anyone who is playing can also rent a surf board here as well, MIRROR secretly whispered that the best time to play is from April to December.